23 October 2020
Risk KAN Critical infrastructures Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Monday November 9 at 14:00 UTC
Patricia Romero Lankao,NREL and Univ. of Chicago
Soft and hard infrastructure
Alexander Fekete, TH Koeln – Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany
Critical infrastructure cascading effects
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12 Oktober 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 6th webinar
Thursday October 15 at 15:00 UTC
Danielle Touma, UC Santa Barbara
Competing anthropogenic effects cause distinct regional impacts on extreme fire weather conditions
Emanuele Bevacqua, U. Reading
More meteorological events that drive compound coastal flooding are projected under climate change at most locations worldwide
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Meeting ID: 926 9628 9038
24 September 2020
Public On-Line Forum/Panel Discussion
Coping with Extreme Weather
Marking the 2nd anniversary of the Ottawa/Gatineau Tornadoes

8 October 2020, noon to 2PM EDT
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24 September 2020
HIWeather 2020 Workshops
free online seminars on the latest HIWeather research
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Time: October 26 until December 3
Registration will close on September 30
22 September 2020
Rebuilding from COVID-19 to Achieve Global Agenda 2030 (IRDR) Online Master Forum with Dr. Gordon McBean
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Tuesday, 29 September at 10:00 am Taipei time (UCT+8)
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17 August 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 5th webinar
Tuesday August 25 at 14:00 UTC
Vimal Mishra, IIT Gandhinagar
Hot and dry extremes during the South Asian Summer Monsoon
Daniela Domeisen, ETH Zurich
Remote forcing of extreme events
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/n9EXNjGWfnk